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Michel Foucault: genealogía del biopoder.

Por Angelina Uzín Olleros.
Michel Foucault (1926-1984) Un Filósofo, en las fronteras de una mutación del pensamiento, de sus objetos y sus fines. Que intentaba captar, en un horizonte de genealogía nietzscheana, las configuraciones en las que adquiere sentido que exista, en tal o cual momento, tal gesto de verdad. Alain Badiou.[1]

Abstract According to Foucault, the political and economic conditions of existence are not an obstacle for the knowledge that is defined as true but that one that offers a possibility to relate the truth in which the subject of knowledge is situated. It is not possible to start a program to find the truth without considering the political structures in which the dominions of knowledge unfold. Knowledge and truth have their origins in an historic framework that is characterized by the kind of power exerted on that society and the economic-political and judicial model that makes possible to intertwine truth and power. To characterized and define a truth without ta…